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Outreach & Post Reunion Support 

This time of reaching out and trying to build a relationship is often described as an emotional rollercoaster. 

Outreach and Mediation Services 

Why use a mediator/adoption therapist?

The mediator is the professional experiened in working with those affected by adoption in making contact with a family member. Contact through a mediator can be less intrusive for everyone involved. It gives time and space to process the outreach and to consider the possibilities for the relationship. 

The mediator will help you clarify your expectations for contact and to prepare for the other person's response. Embarking on this journey can raise a lot of strong emotions and memories. The mediator can assist you in making sense of these feelings in a supportive environment.


arcs counsellors are licensed mediators and experienced therapists in the adoption field. They are skilled in providing outreach services and providing specialist counselling to support you at this time.