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Considering adoption

arcs has a long history and experience of adoption work and we can advise and support you on your adoption journey from the pre-adoption stage right through to the post placement.

arcs has been working with families affected by adoption for over thirty years. 

It is important when reaching a life changing decision such as adoption you seek specialist advice, support and counselling so that you have an informed and open perspective on what it is like to be an adoptive parent. 

 Our pre-adoptive parent counselling sessions assist with exploring the following:

  • Am I ready?
  • Thinking about my family of origin and parenting 
  • Exploring loss due to fertility issues and/ or other trauma
  • Thinking about the needs of the child 
  • The impact of adoption on the family/wider family
  • Attachment and bonding information

While parenting an adopted child requires the same set of parenting skills, in addition we encourage our pre-adoptive parents to explore and develop further skills to enable them to best support their adopted child in understanding their past, and the significant loss that has occurred.

This can be both rewarding and at times, very challenging.

Some adopted children through intercountry or domestic adoptions have spent a number of years in a care system with multiple carers. The children can often find it difficult to form secure relationships and attachments.

If you have any queries or concerns, give us a call to arrange an appointment.

arcs also maintains a specialist adoption library, that you are welcome to join for a small annual fee.

All adoptions in Western Australia are arranged through Fostering and Adoption Services – a branch of the Department for Child Protection and Family Support. Contact Fostering and Adoption Services on 1800 182 178, they will be able to provide you with more detailed information and details of their next Adoption Information Seminars.