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Family Court Ordered Reunification

arcs has a long history of working with those who have been affected by separation/loss of relationship with their child through adoption. We have extended our work to include other children experiencing separation from parents. We understand that grief, frustration, confusion and trauma can be experienced by all involved. We are skilled in rebuilding relationship and connection.

Our way of working is child-focused and inclusive of parents. We work in partnership with you to try and achieve the best outcome for your child.

When a child's relationship has been broken with a parent for some time, the work with the child and parents is not only about rebuilding a relationship. It is also about the parents and child making sense of the fractured relationship and the meaning of the absence for all involved. To build trust, safety and understanding requires time with no sense of pressure.

Our process is at the pace of the child. Every child is different and their emotional response to the fractured relationship varies. We help parents to understand this. Similarly, each child has different fears and defences about entering into a reunion with a parent. We work with both parents to help their child explore their feelings as well as their own. 

arcs reunification process usually takes between six to twelve months. arcs continue to support the family with visitations. We continue to offer support when any issues arise in the visitations for both the child and the adults.