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Our Intake Process

Our intake process involves three intake sessions to help us get to know more about your child and the history of your relationship. It also gives us time to explain in more detail what is involved in our reunification program and what makes us different to other programs. 

The intake sessions also give you an opportunity to make an informed decision about whether you wish to proceed with our reunification process. 

After the intake sessions arcs will then make a decision with you about whether we are the appropriate service for you. 

Our intake process requires;

  • both parties need to contact arcs to make their own appointment.
  • to help us get to know your particular situation we require a copy of the Court Orders or any other documents you are willing and able to share with us. The documents can be scanned and emailed to us at or by registered mail to PO Box 593 Maylands 6931.
  • arcs will require in writing who is responsible for payment of the session fees.
  • a decision will be made after the intake sessions on the suitability of your case for our service and you will be notified.