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Searching adoption records

Making the decision

When is the right time? There is no right time, it has to be the right time for you.

The decision about whether or not to find more about your adoption can seem daunting and confusing. There are various reasons why adopted adults decide to search and access information about their birth families. arcs understands not everyone wants to search for birth family. For some it is more about finding out their history and medical background. We can help you with obtaining as much information as is possible. While others hope to use the information they receive to trace their birth families and make contact with them.

We appreciate the enormity and sensitivity of this life decision. arcs will work with you, respecting your individual situation and wishes. We are mindful of achieving the best possible outcome for all concerend.

arcs is there to;

  • provide a safe and confidential environment where the searcher can explore their options
  • help with applying for copies of original documents / certificates
  • assist with applying for access to adoption records Australia wide and the UK
  • support with understanding the information you receive 
  • explore with you the possibilities of reaching out and to whom


arcs counsellors are experienced therapists in the adoption field and skilled to support you in searching for your adoption records.